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July 5, 2011
August 11, 2010
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  • TaskBrand development and creation of packaging for a demo and album

Local band, Element Chum, approached me to help them create the image for their group, and also to design artwork for a promotional demo and a full-time album they wanted to release. I had listened to a few covers they played in local shows and asked if I could listen to the songs they wanted to release, and their songs reminded me of the '80s and growing up on this time and decided to use this as a concept for the album. After some ideas and since they were 4 members in the band decided to go by sort of a Tron grid and use 4 different colors to create the artwork for the album. For their promotional single, the main song was called satellite and decided to take a literal approach to this artwork. By the end of the design process, they were completely satisfied with the result, and so was I.


Element Chum


May, 2010